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The town Wellington as we have come to love has in fact had various names if you go back in its history. Once called Limitvallei, due to the magnificent mountain ranges that surround the town and created limitations to inland travel. At a time, Wellington was also called Val du Charon and Wakamersvallei (Valley of Wagons). It was here, in this very little town, that the original ox-wagons (the main form of transport of that time), were built. Today this picturesque valley holds a rich and complex history of wine, people, inventions, creations and the passionate relationship between them all.

The range, Duke of Wellington, celebrates not only history, but tradition and people too. It is here where a story was born in the detail, and is continued as a salute to Arthur Wellesley, the very first Duke of Wellington. He was an Anglo-Irish soldier and statesman, who served twice as Prime Minister, although his fame really stems from the battle won at Waterloo, where he and his army defeated Napoleon, and put an end to the horrendous Napoleon war. In 1840, and on instruction of the King of England, our town was named Wellington.

Raise your glass – and live a great story!

The interpretation of the numbers.

Duke No. 1 and Duke No. 2
Our Pinotage and Chenin Blanc respectively. At Wellington Wines we take great pride in the production of our wines, but two of our extra special varietals remain Pinotage and Chenin Blanc. The terroir and wine making style brings together a product of excellence, with focus and detail throughout the process.

Therefore, as our flagship cultivars, we list them No. 1 and No. 2 respectively.

If we were ranking our wines for whichever reason, 3 and 4 would naturally follow, but since the range is not sequentially numbered the numbers will not have any order.

Duke No. 5
Our white Pinotage – an elegant and fruity wine made from red grapes. This in its self is quite a conversation starter – and always likely to get the discussion on colour vs varietal going. Much like a greeting – “Give me 5!”

No. 8
Lucky number and Merlot is the wine most frequently purchased as a gift. In saying this, we hope that this gift brings you both luck and enjoyment!

Duke No. 9
Warm and inviting nutty aromas are nuanced with wood, smoke and spice. A palate of ripe red berry fruit complemented by smooth structured tannins.

Duke No. 33 and Duke No. 18
Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon respectively are two all-time favourites – and so is our cellar!

So, if you have a look at our GPS Coordinates – these numbers may well point you in the right direction!

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