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Wellington Wines provides an integrated wine supply chain solution.

Our expertise on these services enabling us to provide excellent value and product consistency.

Vineyard Management

Each vineyard is managed with a predefined goal that only the very best grapes are picked for winemaking.

De Alcoholisation
Low  alcohol wines are driven by the market and therefore we installed a revolutionary method of reducing alcohol in wine under a vacuum through a spinning cone.

Cold stabilisation
We are now able to cold stabilise a total volume of 7 200 hl. The process helps that no tartrates form when wines are put in the fridge.


Thermo Flash Treatment
Wines can be marketed early due to soft fruity and accessible style, no need for a long maturation period.

Traceability & Accreditation
Traceability is achieved via our electronic Wine Management System, EZY Wine. We have BRCHACCPFair-tradeWIETA and IPW certification that are followed to the letter at our cellar. 

Traditional Vinification 
We offer traditional vinification for our clients.

Wine Sourcing

We are able to source wine to comply to clients needs.


The total package – the bottle, label, carton and brand name – are key components for establishing unique brand identity. With consistent delivery on the brand promise, loyalty develops over time.

Samples and Analysis

We make use of 2 accredited labs Vinlab and Paarl Valley Bottling Company.

Logistical solutions

In-house / Careful planning can prevent last-minute problems should any issues arise, we can swiftly find solutions without any inconvenience to the client.

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